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    The Underground Diesel Loader is designed for working in underground environment, which is one machine with short body, central articulation and front loading, combining loading, transportation and unloading together. The loader is used for transporting ore and tailings, dumping ore into ore-pass or loading ore into dump truck. It can be used for tranporting equipments, auxiliary materials, road repairing and paving and also in railway and highway tunnel building projects.

    The frame is the core part of underground trackless mining equipments, and is related to the machine quality directly. To ensure the frame quality, our company adopts the Q460C Alloy Plate which has a very good Mechanical Property. After cut according to program, it is welded according to standard welding technique. Then it is put into Tempering Furnace for the tempering treatment at the temperature of 600℃ for 24 hours. After removal of surface oxidation by shot blasting, the frames will be painted primarily for antirust. With the whole process flow, the frames of our equipments never have the problems such as deformation or crack, which can ensure the long work life of our equipments.

    Main Technical Features:

    ※VOLVO. DEUTZ, CUMMINS, MTU original engine. ※POSI-Torque differentia ※Dana Torque Converter & Transmission ※KESSLER and DANA axles. ※ Four-wheel-drive articulated chassis. ※Pilot-operated with joystick control ※ Highest rate of productivity. ※Improve work efficiency with intearated electronic control handle which could realize steering, shifting in one-hand ※ LCD display instrument ※ Program control, real-time data monitoring ※ Compact and flexible for narrow vein mining. ※ SAHR services/emergency/parking brakes. ※ Comfortable ergonomics compartment. ※ Reliability & serviceability for enhancing productivity.


    ※ Remote control-Line of sight, Radioremote control / Tele remote control. ※. Lincoln automatic central lubrication. ※ Ansul Fire Suppression system. ※ Fully enclosed cabin with air conditioner. ※ Side Tipping bucket. ※ Emergency steering. ※ Brake-release system