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    PANDA,specialize in manufacturing all kinds of rail clip. We begin to work from 1993 until now. We have 18 production lines of various kind of modern professional products, more 1000sets of various kinds of professional equipment, inspection test equipment, 11 workshops of casting, elastic strip, rubber, standardized components, steel rolling, fishplate, heat treatment, anti-corrosion, spike, gauge rod.

    PANDA have stable customer all over the world USA,Canada, and lot of European coutries. We have stable business all over the world.


    Chinese standard rail fishplate

    Size: 43KG, 50KG, 60KG, 75KG

    Austrilian standard rail fishplate

    Size: 31KG, 41/47KG, 50KG, 53KG, 60KG, 68KG

    British standard rail fishplate:

    Size: BS75R, BS80A, BS90A, BS100A, BS113A

    UIC (International Union of Railways) standard rail fishplate

    Size: UIC54, UIC60

    Germany industry standard rail fishplate

    Size: Fl10, Fl14, Fl18, Fl20, Fl30, Fl33, Fl41-49, Fl41-54

    Brazilian rail fishplate

    Size: TJ57, TJ ASCE 90, TJ UIC60

    Peruvian rail fishplate

    Size: 75LBS A.S.C.E, 75 LBS BSS, 80 LBS A.S.C.E, TJ BS80A

    African rail fishplate

    Size: 85LB, 85LB-80LB