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    PANDAWIRE for stone cutting: Diamond Multi Wire is a newest diamond wire materials used by granite multi wire saw machine to saw granite slabs to replace traditional granite gang saw.

    Other specifications are available according to customer's requirements.
    PANDAWIRE Diamond Multi Wire: Modern gang saw can produce 3000 to 4000 square meters of 2 cm thickness slabs, PANDAWIRE Diamond Multi Wire can produce 5000 to 6000 square meters of slabs cut at any thickness between 1 to 5 cm.

    PANDAWIRE Diamond Multi Wire most common specs:
    1. φ7.3mm Beads, 24.5 LM Diamond Wire, 36 Beads per LM for Granite Multi Wire Saw Machine;
    2. φ7.5mm Beads, 17.5 LM Diamond Wire, 37 Beads per LM for SIMEC Granite Multi Wire Saw Machine.