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    Pandadrill has been established since 2008 year and we are producing soundless expansion mortars that have outstanding functions, such as:

    1. Powerful. The expansive mortar can lead to an enormous expansion force with a maximum amount of 130 MPa (1300 kg/ cm2).

    2. Transportation friendly. Expansive mortar is defined as building materials and categorized in cement products Therefore, it can be transported as easy as other common goods. It is not restricted by State Dangerous Cargo or State Explosive Management regulations.

    3. Short reacting time. The maximum expansion force can be reached within 10 minutes. The reacting time can be also modified between 10 minutes to 10 hours.

    4. Safe and environment friendly. Silent expansive mortar is a perfect agent to break rocks and primary concretes with non-explosion effects, which does not involve vibration, noise, or dust. Moreover, no harmful gas or remaining object can be engendered while using the product, it is a nuisanceless environment friendly product.

    5. Easy to operate and control. There is neither explosive nor fire needed during the operation. Simply mix the expansive mortar with clear water and inject the mixture into the drilled holes is sufficient. No specific training on operators is required. Furthermore, depending on individual needs, the expansive mortar helps to slice or break rocks and primary concretes based on different drilling distances.

    6. High efficiency: reduce damage rates and increase useful material part by 2 to 3 times while extracting mines.

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